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What seems like decay is just the beginnings of homogenization: everything wants to be more like everything else, infinitely. What seems like chaos is just order too complex to understand: in order to achieve simplicity some complex machinations must be carried out beforehand. We are lucky to be in a localized pocket of negentropy thanks to the sun and the specific proximity of the earth to it. 


There are two forms of equilibrium: the homeostasis of a self-regulating, active system that is moreover in a larger scale decline and the perfectly equal and uniform distribution of all matter such as would be characterized by the heat death of the universe. The former eventually yielding to the latter, or to a Sun expanding upon becoming a red giant. The former is only possible if given the opportunity by way of a constant energy source, nuclear fusion appearing to be fairly reliable in this way. It’s the case, however, that this characteristic manufacturing of elements in a star is much more omnidirectional in an instantly recognizable way than the complex interactions of matter on earth. Again, the push towards death and extinguishment is what fuels anything that looks different, not just what takes over afterward.


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