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Pollution is relative, the introduction of something new to an otherwise homogenous system, the harmful effects of which are only salient to the small category of living things. This category already being fraught given that life is better defined as a process than a thing; living things do not possess life, life possesses us. Man made structures seem to signify negentropy concretely, what can be achieved when energy is put to work deliberately and not spread around the earth via the chaos of weather systems or the slow movement of the food chain. Entropy is simply the byproduct of these processes; conceptualized as trash, garbage, chemical spills, pollutants, the byproducts of creation. A pollutant being introduced to a system isn’t entropic, it is the pollutants gradual degradation into another part of this environment that increases entropy. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is as negentropic as a skyscraper, displaces just as much matter, makes the world just as inhomogeneous, the swirling depths to the formers rigid heights. It’s too late to say it wasn’t intentional. The concept of something being dirty has to do with context, placement - all the dirt wants to do is be the same as what it makes dirty.


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