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I am the youngest person around a table on which a 12 pack of 312

IPA is placed because I bummed a cigarette and haven’t eaten since

12:47 PM if you count pretzels from a vending machine

A pigeon walks towards a curb that a cab approaches it jolts towards

me because there was a 1/3 full cup of fruit in a plastic container on

a water valve at 1:54 AM on June 25th

A subway train contains me from 2:11 - 2:19 AM 4 days later as a

young man rises out of his seat with a bright red stain on his light

gray pants before pacing around the car and taking confused

and occasional glances at me

A woman wears two grocery bags on her head

Beer cans are stuffed in vacant pipes

You can see the Sears tower from everywhere


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