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Water leaked down my umbrella over and through its folds down diagonally through my backpack to the bottom right section on Wednesday June 17th and at some point gathered the ink from my blue pen, not a ball point, no, but the kind that seems to leak ink onto the page and it gathered it up and brought it down to the bottom of it and stained it and it stained my pastel blue paints on the inside of the right thigh and it will probably not wash out of my pastel blue pants or my canvas bag it will not wash out 

All of my bike got stolen except the front tire on Thursday the 18th, still locked to the thing you lock your bike to I tried to look up what it is called but they either don’t have names or it is hard to google because I just got tips on how to lock your bike it seems kind of pointless to read any of that now it’s gone 

I walked down Randolph St on Friday June 19th and there was a cool breeze because it was unseasonably cool in Chicago that day and I thought that all of it was okay because there were several puddles containing assorted trash and construction and that was enough i guess


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