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The default state of all existence as it is known is one of failing death

too clumsy and random to really go through with it, putting it on ice

or bathing it in sun and water until it overheats and comes to grief


Complaining about hot weather seems useless when it’s easier to

get used to 80 - 90ºF heat than it is -20ºF cold,

this not actually being possible

Nostalgia exists only between 45 - 62ºF depending on the season

and the direction by which you approach it




1. 48ºF air blowing through the window of my stationary car in a

Snap fitness parking lot in Flint, MI on May 22 at 12:24 AM

approaching summer


2. 62ºF air blowing through the window of my car traveling 72 mph

around the curve of highway 16 as it departs from I-94 on August

5 at 2:01 AM approaching fall


3. 45ºF air blowing passed my ear on November 17 at 8:49 PM

approaching winter, which I take for granted out of habit


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