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It’s cold at the desk in between two other desks

with coasters, an iron and two empty beer bottles

near me, not because I just drank them or anything

but because I’m lazy

It was warm, even hot outside as I walked as quickly

as possible for exactly 23 minutes for a mile and a half

between Roosevelt and Randolph, it’s 2:39 in the morning

on July 27th and I want to say something like

I just got into a groove but I am not a record

I do not repeat myself unless I explicitly choose

Which I do

I’m expecting different results


I should pack these things up, I should sweep, clean

take out the recycling but in this act of defeat

I will have confessed something to myself


I am not yet tall enough to ride this ride 

can’t afford admission

I’m scared shitless of roller coasters anyway


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