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That everything is everything else isn’t simply a statement regarding the basic building blocks of all matter. The similarity of things doesn’t rely on scientistic reductionism as a crutch when macroscopic observations are just as valid. Why else is the ubiquity and resemblance of all ruins such a reliable spectacle ripe for consumption? Entropy isn’t chaotic or disorganized, it is the ultimate organizing principal. It’s predictable, it points one way and points hard. It has all the time in the world and it is no hurry to get where it’s headed.

Imagine that instead of the Big Bang starting the universe in a cataclysm of creation, flinging matter outwards haphazardly, the universe came into being slowly and orderly, its matter forming a perfect crystal lattice of indivisible homogenous particulars rigidly positioned. In this instance the universe as we know it never exists, it simply stays in this state forever as there is no outside force to knock any part out of alignment and thus create the necessary condition for interactions between particles (and the usage of available energy). This state is the same state our own universe will eventually rest in, the only difference between them the negligible one that the former hypothetical universe has “potential” while our own will not. There isn’t any reason to be wistful about the passing of something that was never more than a protracted excitation.


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